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Measurable results in just four weeks.

Get progressively better with a plan designed to improve your fitness level.

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Let's build up your performance levels with our Get Fitter training plan. Over the next four weeks you will learn to improve your FTP power output, VO2max and muscular endurance.

WEEK 1: let's get the basics right first

Session #1 - Endurance

Welcome to your GET FIT training programme! Let's start with your fundamentals - endurance.

Improve your fat burning by riding at an endurance pace - ride longer with less effort! Get started right now.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Speeding Up

Off you go for your second session! Ready to speed up?

This workout will prepare your body for the upcoming structured intervals. Get used to them with this session.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3 - All Out

It's time for your last session - the first week is almost over!

Show us your power in the short sprints - go all out like you are sprinting against your best friend.

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

Session #4 - Easy Group Ride

First week is always the hardest so let's finish up with a nice and easy optional group ride to see improvements in your fitness.

WEEK 2: get a taste of different types of workouts

Session #1 - Burn Fat

Let's start the second week of the GET FITTER workouts series with some serious FAT BURNING!

Your fat burning will be at the maximum with this session. Burning fat is good for getting you in shape and improving your endurance - get fit for your long rides.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Sweet Spot

You have been working hard in the past few days - carry on riding and improve your fitness!

Now it's time to include more extended and more difficult intervals. Improve your pace in longer efforts with this training session.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3 - Cadence Drills

Let's finish the second week on a high - here come some cadence drills!

Pushing hard at a high cadence will make your riding more efficient. In this session, try to pedal at a higher cadence for 2-minute periods, between 90 and 100rpm.

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

Session #4 - Easy Group Ride

Do you feel like joining us for another easy group ride to finish up the second week of training?

WEEK 3: you are on a roll, keep pushing

Session #1 - Lead the Bunch

You've been training hard for two weeks. Now it's time to lead the pack.

Get yourself into the position of the pro-domestics and be able to push hard at the front quickly.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2: Cadence King & Queen

Have you got what it takes to become the King or Queen of the peloton?

Make your muscles more efficient with high cadence drills. Increase the cadence every minute up to 120 RPM and then go down again.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3: The PRO Rider

You are on your way to becoming a pro in the last session of week three.

The pros often use this session in their training programmes. Be able to ride longer at a higher intensity to improve your VO2max capacity.

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

Session #4 - Easy Group Ride

We recommend you try this easy group ride to feel the improvements in your fitness level before starting the final week.

WEEK 4: final week that leaves you breathless

Session #1: The Breakaway

You are entering the last week of the training plan - GREAT JOB! let's finish what you've started!

This session will train you for your next breakaway from your friends. Feel like a pro riding a Grand Tour with less pain at a higher pace.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2: Effective Fat Burning

You already ride like a pro and look like a pro, too!

Improve your fat-burning process and get better at riding longer rides. If possible, try doing this session in the morning for the most effective fat burn.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3: Oxygen Needed

You are almost there - the last session is here!

Let's complete the week with a high-intensity effort over 100% FTP. Discover zones that are way above your comfort levels.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #4 - Easy Group Ride or Race

This is the final session, we knew you could do it! Well deserved group ride to spin out your legs.

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