New Career
new motivation, more fun

ROUVY Career is all about staying motivated, setting personal goals and having fun while exploring the world. With this in mind, after receiving valuable feedback from the community, we have decided to introduce a new format for ROUVY Career.

The new Career will start on January 1st, 2022.

We will be sharing more exciting news with you in the coming weeks,
keeping you in the loop about what lies ahead.

The current career ended on the 30th of September. The races, routes and any challenges needed fore the career advancement will not be counted anymore.


Welcome to the beginning of the ROUVY Career mode, your training begins right now! Ride for 1h to test your setup and make sure you are ready for the journey.


Congratulations, you have advanced to the first ROUVY career level. Keep on riding to advance in your career, and show us that you are up for the challenge.


You are clearly quite serious about training! Do you want to compete against other athletes? It’s time to prove your commitment! Race against others and show your skills.


Congrats, you are now an Elite athlete. If you want to stay elite, you need to be sure to train with the elite. We are really going to test your abilities and you may feel some pain. Oh, and there is plenty of climbing coming your way!

Regional Class

Great job, you are starting to become famous in your region. What that means for you is that you have to train like you‘ve never trained before, race against others and challenge them for more. We surely hope you like the feeling of pain.


Welcome aboard, you‘ve signed your first professional contract on ROUVY! To continue to improve you should prove yourself one more time and complete some of the most famous climbs. If you are able to succeed you will become a National Champ!

National Champion

You did it, you are a sports celebrity in your country! You represent the home country in every race and challenge that you complete. It‘s only one more little step to become a World Champion, yet it could be the hardest challenge that you‘ve ever faced.

World Class

Fantastic! It took a lot of pain, suffering, hard work and we know it. You deserved to be named Rouvy World Class now! It‘s time to keep pedaling to retain this level for the whole Indoor season. Your Legend status is just one stop away!


You are a ROUVY Legend now!!!