ROUVY career

Let's play in the
ROUVY career

You do love sport and crave challenges. Ride and explore your full potential! Collect coins and start your journey to become a Legend. Unlock new levels and reward yourself with equipment that others can only dream of.

Discover new levels

  1. 80 Career levels.
  2. From complete beginners to the exceptional Legend club.
  3. No cheating! Play fair with sweat and tears.

Every coin counts

Earn coins for each pedal stroke you make – in both indoor and outdoor rides, races, workouts, or even warm-ups or cooldowns. Each coin can be spent later.

Turn tears into gearsComing soon

Turn tears into gears

Show off your efforts by turning earned coins into better equipment – all nice, shiny and fully customizable.

Improve your fitness

Improve your fitness

Our unique algorithm makes sure that each rider has the best experience due to its precise calibration of their fitness, efforts and time spent. Try it out and start your ROUVY Career today!

Make your outdoors count

Make your outdoors count

Enjoy group rides outdoors, on weekends and don’t lose the focus indoors, on weekdays. ROUVY remains your good friend, regardless of the season, and counts your outdoor activities for your Career.



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