Leo Lendvorsky

11/27/2023 Leo Lendvorsky

Training for improving the magic VO2 max number

Everyone's buzzed about that magic number: VO2 max. Athletes globally flaunt and compare this metric. VO2 max reigns supreme in the endurance sports realm. But what's the 'perfect' VO2 max value for endurance pursuits? And, of course, how can you boost your VO2 max? Dive into today's article, and I'll shed some light on these questions.

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10/24/2023 Leo Lendvorsky

Understanding FTP and the Anaerobic Threshold

Every moderately advanced cyclist has probably encountered the terms FTP or anaerobic threshold (AT). If they haven't already, they are likely to receive a question from another cyclist in the near future: "What's your FTP?" or read about their favourite athlete undergoing threshold or FTP training. These two parameters appear frequently in the vocabulary of endurance athletes, yet they are often insufficiently understood. If you ask your cycling buddy why they apply intervals at the FTP or AT level, they might not be able to answer. In this article, I will try to explain these two concepts in understandable terms and from a sports science perspective.

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