Challenge Geraardsbergen 2022 Race

Smart trainers only
Event finished onJun 23. 6. 2022 – 17:00
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The iconic Muur van Geraardsbergen is a must-do bucket list climb for every passionate cyclist. It is legendary because of the steepness of the gradient and it's on cobbles. The climb is used in many spring classics and featured in an event by The Challenge Family, where over 1,100 triathletes took on the Skoda Challenge Geraardsbergen. The event consisted of a 1.9 km swim, a 90 km bike and a half marathon. The triathletes climbed Geraardsbergen twice because the bike leg included two loops!

Race along with Caterina Vacchi

Race Along Caterina Vacchi

A triathlete, a journalist and a tv producer”, is what I answer when someone asks me why I’m competing in long distance triathlon. It is “because of the emotion and motivation that those races give me”. I have been supportive of my husband’s triathlon career which he started almost 30 years ago. I got tired of waiting, and so I decided to start racing as well. I have completed all the distances and there is more to come because my goal is going towards the extreme challenges.




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