La Vuelta #3 - Climbing Weekend | GR

La Vuelta #3 - Climbing Weekend | GR

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The La Vuelta Climbing weekend is around the corner. Do you want to warm up a bit before the racing weekend comes? Sit on your trainer, register for the Group ride, and join the peloton with ELITE ambassador Carlos!

Carlos Vives, AG Endurance Spanish triathlete, twice qualified to Kona.

A lifelong sports enthusiast and proud Elite ambassador. I'm waiting to compete in the Kona Isle for the third time!

Read a short interview with Carlos about his carrier and some tips for other sports enthusiasts.

Being motivated and fit is not an easy task. How do you keep your motivations high? Did you learn something new about yourself during the lockdown?

Concerning sports events, I had divided this season into two separate areas: The first one would have been competing in the Marathon des Sables (a stage race through the desert in complete self-sufficiency), that I was supposed to enter in early April.
The second Triathlon-specific would have started early May with a focus on the Barcelona Ironman in October to get a place for the third time in the 2021 Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.
For better or worse, not taking part in the Marathon des Sables (postponed to 2021) made it so that the preparation for the IRONMAN was moved to early April, so I get one additional month of preparation. Honestly, as the focus was for October, I didn't have to move much in terms of months... and I hope I get there sufficiently prepared to be able to complete for my goal.

What's the best advice you feel like telling all the athletes?

I'd like to close off this interview with five important hints for all readers that are currently in isolation to prevent the spreading of COVID19:\

  1. Maintain a routine: wake up at a reasonable hour, shower, do sports, work from home, read, watch a tv show, eat well... it is fundamental not to spend all of your time laying on the couch or watching tv in your pajamas.2.
  2. Make sure you put in a sports session at least once a day, preferably in the morning - I suggest cardio. It will help you to be active for the rest of your day. There's no need to overdo it. Sports will keep you healthy. If you have a home trainer, enjoy using it.
  3. A physical session every other day: You can put in a second session every other day, for instance with elastic ropes/pilates / yoga in the afternoon... There are thousands of online sessions available, for instance on Instagram, to which you can connect for free.
  4. Eat healthy: now is a good time to expand your culinary skills by learning new and healthy recipes. Maintaining your body healthy even when living indoors is very important.
  5. Cultivate your mind: my advice is to get off your screens, mobiles and such and dedicate 20 minutes every day to reading before going to bed. You'll be more relaxed and sleep better.


Join the group ride and get the Elite Virtual jersey!

Join the group ride and get the Elite Virtual jersey!

Register; enjoy riding with Carlos on one of the La Vuelta routes and get Elite Virtual Jersey into your collection!

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