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Virtual Sports Platform "ROUVY" partners with ‘growB Sports’ to grow its presence and boost its activities in Japan

Apr 23rd 2021

Virtual Sports Platform "ROUVY" partners with ‘growB Sports’ to grow its presence and boost its activities in Japan

In order to promote the joy of indoor cycling and running in VR in Japan, growB Sports (Globe Sports Communications Ltd.), headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, has signed a multi-year partnership agreement with VirtualTraining s.r.o. located in the Czech Republic; and will create courses and run events for the augmented reality platform, “ROUVY”. growB Sports will ensure an accelerated AR course production and aid the local event management for ROUVY.

Through the partnership, growB Sports will create beautiful cycling, cycle racing and running courses, unique to Japan within ROUVY, so that both, the Japanese and the international athletes from around the world may experience the wonderful, real-life Japanese locations from the comfort of their homes. “The most amazing feature of ROUVY is that it can provide a live-action virtual sports experience. It gives Japanese athletes a "real impression of being there" and it will be possible to disseminate "the real charm of Japanese landscapes'' to the world. By producing many AR courses unique to Japan with ROUVY, we aim to make people all over the world feel the charm of virtual sports and Japan.”, says Yasuro Miyata, growB Sports representative.

One of the most attractive features of ROUVY is its ability to provide a virtual experience using live action. Athletes from all over the world are able to ride together through avatars on real courses online,  and are able to participate in not only in competitions, but are also able to enjoy virtual group rides and group runs in a social, non-competitive format. ROUVY’s augmented reality, overlaying 3D objects within 2D geo-synced video, allows to teleport the virtual athlete model to any part of the world creating an unprecedented level of ‘realism and presence’ effect.  

ROUVY courses are ridden by professional and hobby cyclists alike, allowing anyone to compete or compare with the professional riders online, in real time and at the same time, discover an appeal for new sports.

Tourism Development and Attraction

ROUVY delivers 1:1 virtual postcards of landscapes and countryside from the recorded videos right to the homes of its app users. Cycling courses created in the most popular sightseeing locations, throughout Japan within ROUVY, can serve as a virtual representation and new PR tool to attract new overseas tourists to Japan. 

About growB Sports Communications

growB Sports Communications is a sports marketing creative agency based in Tokyo. The company name, Globe Sports Communications Ltd., is derived from its parent company, Globe Marketing Co. Ltd. “growB” stands for ‘GROW’ and the four ‘B’s: Brand equity / Business / Benefit / Belief. It aims to grow its brand value / business value / customer service value, all centered on communication. It embodies its desire to grow by increasing the sense of trust with its business partners. In addition, the values of sports have a ’great charm’, ‘strong power’ and ‘sense of commitment’ that can be grown on. 

**Company Profile: **

Globe Sports Communications Ltd.

4F Kojimachi Kyodo Building, 3-2 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan

TEL. 03-3556-1540 


Establishment: 2013.4.2

Capital: 10 million yen

Representative Director: Yasuro Miyata

Business area: Sports event business, sports instruction business, sales promotion business, product sales, product and facility development business