Personalise your avatar from head to toe

Express your individuality by customising your ROUVY Avatar to reflect your style and personality.

Stand out from the crowd

ROUVY Avatar Customization options give you the tools to create your digital representation of yourself as a cyclist. Customize your virtual cycling kit and choose from a variety of options to suit your individual style.

Earn Coins and get rewarded

Hard work pays off! For every route you complete, you will earn Coins to exchange for exclusive virtual cycling gear, including cycling jerseys, bibs, gloves, socks, and bike gear. This will allow you to personalize your avatar and enhance your indoor cycling experience.

New virtual shop

Exciting news! A brand new shop is now open for business. To begin with you can spend your hard-earned Coins on exclusive new bike frames but more options will be available soon. Start collecting Coins now and keep an eye out for updates!

Customize your avatar

Get ready to take your ROUVY experience to the next level with our new avatar customization feature.