Level Up

Take your cycling workouts to another level.

Continue improving your base performance level for the next six weeks.

Keep improving your fitness level

Reach another level of your fitness. After completing our previous plan, Get Fitter, the road does not end there. You can keep going and keep improving.

WEEK 1 - practice makes perfect

Session #1 - Nice And Easy Start

Let's begin with an easy ride. No need to rush; we have 6 weeks ahead of us.

Give your body a chance to adapt to riding your bike. What does it mean easy? You should be able to talk the whole ride.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Test your FTP

FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power and is defined as the highest average power you can sustain for approximately an hour, measured in watts. All ROUVY Workouts are based on your FTP. Test yourself and find out your personal FTP.

Recommended timing: FRIDAY

Session #3 - Fun With Fundamentals

After the hard FTP test, it's time to work on your basic endurance. Let's cover the fundamentals of your favorite route.

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

WEEK 2 - let's speed things up

Session #1 - Power Endurance

Working on your strength is important. Let your muscles do the work and improve your pedaling coordination.

Do this low cadence drill while seated in your saddle and focus on keeping the cadence at 60 RPM during the intervals.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Intro to HIIT

Time for structured intervals. If you never heard of High Intensity Interval Training then you are in for a treat. Just keep that towel at hand.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3 - Fat Max

Let's start the third week with some serious FAT BURNING!

Your fat burning will be at the maximum in this session. Burning fat is good for getting you in shape and improving your endurance. Are you ready?

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

WEEK 3 - this is where you push hard

Session #1 - Sprinting

The third week with a sprint. Show us what you've got in short sprints - go all out and sprint like you stole it.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Sweet Spot

You have been working hard in the past few days - carry on riding and improve your fitness!

Now it's time to include more extended and more difficult intervals. Improve your pace in longer efforts with this training session.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3 - Against The Headwind

Riding with a lot of wind in your face feels great but you have to push harder.

Pedal hard over these five-minute-long intervals!

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

WEEK 4 - how hard can it be?

Session #1 - High Cadence

Warm up to a comfortable pace and start your cadence drills, making your muscles more efficient.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - The Ramp Challenge

Time to challenge your limits with this ramp challenge!

You will start at a resistance of 50 watts. Every minute we will ad 10 watts. Continue as long as possible to achieve a new personal best at this session.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3 - Bridge Sprints

Finish the third week with a burst of shorter sprints. Learning explosive acceleration to improve power and boost aerobic conditioning is important.

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

WEEK 5 - the new you in the making

Session #1 - Oxygen detector

Start the week with a high-intensity exercise. Burn serious calories with shorter and longer sprints.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Cadence Queen/King

Have you got what it takes to become the Queen or King of the peloton?

We'll keep making your muscles more efficient with another high cadence drill, increments up to 120 RPM every minute, and then go down again.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3 - The Long Ride

Time for your longest ride so far.

Stick to the prescribed endurance zone and drink plenty of water during your ride to stay hydrated!

Take a deep breath and get going.

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

WEEK 6 - the glorious finish line

Session #1 - Miracle Sprints

You're almost there - the last week of your training plan is here!

Time to push your limits a bit further again! Go all out from start to finish of each interval.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Fat Burner

Burning fat is good for getting you in shape and improving your endurance. Get ready for longer periods of 75% FTP.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3 - The Racer

The last session of the Level Up training program is waiting for you!

The RACER session is a race simulation that will be challenging you to the limit. Feel the adrenaline flowing, like you're racing against the pros.

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

Celebrate with a Group Ride

You decide if you want to join an easy pace group ride to celebrate the completion of Level Up training plan. The whole ROUVY team is so proud of you.

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