Start Easy

Start your way to becoming a better cyclist today.

A guided introduction to structured training.

Your starting point to indoor cycling training

You will learn the basics of becoming a better cyclist. Practice short sprints, high intensity rides or cadence drills with our entry-level training plan.

WEEK 1: your journey begins now

Session #1 - Easy Ride

Let's begin with an easy ride. Give your body a chance to adapt to riding your bike again. What is easy? You should be able to talk the whole ride.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Your FTP Test

FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power and is defined as the highest average power you can sustain for approximately an hour, measured in watts. Don't worry; the test is only 20 minutes long. All ROUVY Workouts are based on your FTP. Test yourself and find out your FTP.

Recommended timing: FRIDAY

Session #3 - Easy Group Ride

First week is always the hardest so let's finish up with a nice and easy optional group ride to practice what you've learned in the first week.

WEEK 2: let's speed it up a little

Session #1 - Alactic Sprints

Start the week with your best effort. Show us what you've got in the short sprints. Go all out like you are sprinting against your best friend.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - The High Intensity

Ready to speed up? We bet you are!

This workout will prepare your body for the upcoming structured intervals. Get used to them with this session.

Recommended timing: FRIDAY

Session #3 - Easy Group Ride

Do you feel like joining us for another easy group ride to finish up the second week of training?

WEEK 3: keep on rolling!

Session #1 - Fat Burner

Let's start the third week with some serious FAT BURNING!

Your fat burning will be at the maximum in this session. Burning fat is good for getting you in shape and improving your endurance. Are you ready?

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2: Sweet Spot

You have been working hard in the past 3 weeks - carry on riding; you are now improving your fitness!

Now it's time to include more extended and more difficult intervals. Improve your pace in longer rides.

Recommended timing: FRIDAY

Session #3 - Easy Group Ride

We recommend you try this easy group ride to practice what you have learned so far before you start the final week.

WEEK 4: You are almost there

Session #1: High Cadence Drills

Let's start the last week on a high - cadence drills! Pushing hard at a high cadence will make your riding more efficient. Try to pedal in a bit higher cadence for 2-minute periods in this session.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2: VO2 max

These demanding sprints will prepare you for any attack in a race or on a ride with your friends. Go all in on every single sprint, and don't save any energy. For those who never retreat achieve glory!

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3 - Easy Group Ride

It's time to put everything you learned into practice. Do you remember cadence drills, interval sessions, and how to break away? This is the final session; we knew you could do it!

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