2/23/2024 Lauren Wolff


Get inspired and feel motivated for your next training sessions on ROUVY by discovering which routes have been super busy over the last three months. You will soon find out why! These curated routes are those that I have also bookmarked to return to ride repeatedly because of their natural beauty in fascinating landscapes or exciting destinations all over the world. I know that others seem to have the same idea!

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2/21/2024 Lauren Wolff


The exciting cycling Classics and monuments are Northern Europe's biggest and most famous one-day 'all-or-nothing' races, entertaining to watch but gruelling to ride if you're a pro. The pros overcome every obstacle they can that comes their way to keep going and stay motivated to reach their goals and the finish line, experiencing success and defeat on their journey to victory. This guide will explain what they are about and how you can enjoy them on ROUVY!

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11/6/2023 Lauren Wolff

Climb bucket list gems of Europe

I want to take you on an extraordinary climbing journey! One that will make you feel as though you are outdoors in nature, exploring climbs in Europe. These selected climbs provide exciting insights, background stories, and historical myths and legends to read before you start that will add to your immersive riding experience.

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10/1/2023 Lauren Wolff

Ride the world - Enjoy your cycling dreams from home

Have you ever wanted to plan a bucket list trip to travel to far-flung destinations worldwide with your bicycle but haven't had the opportunity? Or do you have plans to travel abroad and conquer a few iconic climbs in real life and would like to do enough training preparation and get a realistic sense of what to expect?

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7/23/2023 Lauren Wolff

Uncover natural wonders and secrets along the European coastline

On ROUVY, there are many unique and magnificent coastlines around the world just waiting to be explored. In this article, I'll suggest a few famous European coastlines you can ride on your trainer to soak up each shoreline's unique and natural characteristics and beautiful scenery and 'smell and feel' the sea breeze along the water's edge. Let's take you on vacation!

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5/19/2023 Lauren Wolff

Climb Slovenia's tallest mountain range sanctuary

Do you feel like planning an unforgettable virtual cycling trip for the summer season with beautiful new routes on ROUVY? Travel to a country not often appearing at the top of a cyclist's typical bucket list of destinations. I will take you on a virtual trip to visit three hidden gems and unique places in central Europe. Let's cycle in Slovenia!

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5/4/2023 Lauren Wolff

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Maglia Rosa

With the Spring Classics over, cycling fans can turn their attention to the first exciting Grand Tour of the year, the Giro d'Italia starting on the 6th of May. The Giro is a brutal multi-stage endurance UCI race, one of the three Grand Tours, along with the Tour de France and La Vuelta. The female equivalent of the Giro d'Italia is the Giro Donne, formerly the Giro Rosa, held over ten stages usually in June or early July.

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4/17/2023 Lauren Wolff

Norway - a unique and mysterious cycling adventure

Explore the magic of Norway on some magnificent new routes and read a bit about cycling in this incredible part of the world. Cyclists can venture out and immediately be a part of pristine nature, coming across giant glaciers and mountains on their ride that, over eras, shaped Fjords, Norway's most important symbols and UNESCO sites. Experience a paradise where time moves serenely in the most breathtaking natural landscape imaginable.

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