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ROUVY is the most realistic indoor cycling app, with over 1000 video routes filmed around the world. We provide a fun and authentic way to train and stay fit on your bike at home.

Now you can join a passionate community of triathletes to ride, share experiences and learn from the pros.


ROUVY's ultra-realistic experience gives you a real feel for riding on famous Challenge Family routes around the world.

Let's get into top gear for the season and identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can also pick up performance tips from our ambassadors such as a top triathlete Frederic Funk and prepare for future events.


This special triathlon workout is designed to get you in shape and increase your performance levels. Build up your power, resilience and strength while you take part in the other events.


Feel like a challenge? Try Tri-Training Camp Europe has 4 iconic routes across Europe. Complete them and win a Challenge Family virtual jersey.

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