Effort level: max

Triathlon training

Weekly scheduled races for those looking for serious training.

Keep pushing your best with each race

Races that are all about building up stamina and endurance for triathletes. Serious effort is not enough, give it everything you have. Expect various terrains from demanding flats to rolling hills.

Monday Breakaway

Join a race with a challenging route - in both length and profile. There's some serious racing going on here and usually takes at least 1 hour. It can be a climb, rolling hills or flat, but one thing is certain - it will take considerable effort to compete. Can you make a breakaway and win?

Effort level: give it all you got, it's a race after all

Wednesday Watt Race

Set your sights on victory and crush your personal best. Mid-week Watt Race will test you as the adrenaline rushes through your veins.

Effort level: all the watts you can get


Something for triathletes. These flat, well-tested routes will definitely be a good test to help keep those watts high!

Effort level: all the watts you can get


Come and join us for the Breakaway Racing event on Saturday. The route is a blend of demanding distance and terrain. Expect a highly competitive atmosphere that typically lasts for at least an hour. Whether it's a steep climb, undulating hills, or flat terrain, one thing is guaranteed - you'll need significant energy to keep up with the pace. Are you up for the challenge of making a breakaway and emerging victorious?


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