Effort level: 1.5 - 2.3 W/kg

Enjoyable indoor cycling exercise

Weekly scheduled rides around the world for women who enjoy light exercise.

Fun and friendly women-only rides

Join in regular Group Rides for women riders. It's all about enjoying your ride, and taking in the scenery and atmosphere. These rides will let you exercise at a comfortable pace.


Start the week with an easy but brisk ride through some of the world's iconic cities from a fresh perspective you've never seen before.

Effort level: 2.3 W/kg

Women Only Coastal Cruise

With our Virtual Group Leader, you are just going to fly along the most beautiful coastlines from around the world. Don't worry, the pace is nice and easy so you can also enjoy the views.


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Create an account in seconds, enjoy a full-access, free 7-day trial and hop onto the saddle!


Step 2: Connect trainer

Connect your compatible indoor smart bike, direct-drive or classic trainer in a few easy steps.


Step 3: Start riding

That's it! Your 7-day trial starts on your first ride. Enjoy live races, rides and over 10,000 real-world routes!

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