Triathlon Training Camp Workouts

This special triathlon workout is designed to get you in shape and increase your performance levels. Build up your power, resilience and strength while you take part in the other events.


Intense cycling training for experienced triathletes to push their FTP limit and maintain high fitness. Prepare for a mentally and physically demanding workout! Pyramid-shaped intervals with increasing and decreasing duration and intensity.


For seasoned triathletes wanting to enhance cycling performance, try our 60-minute "Leg Wobbler" workout. With 5-minute intervals ranging from 50-106% FTP, it emphasises strength and endurance, pushing your legs to the max for increased power.


Improve triathlon performance at all levels with our aerobic threshold workout, focusing on Zone 2. Includes various intervals, such as 8 short high-intensity and 8 low-intensity rest intervals, followed by 5 longer intervals with a 1-minute rest. This workout helps enhance endurance and maintain high effort for extended periods, which is crucial for triathlons. Short high-intensity intervals push limits, while longer lower-intensity intervals build endurance and promote recovery.


Boost your FTP, endurance, and power with our training workout designed for experienced triathletes. The workout includes a 15-min warm-up, a challenging 20-min ride at 100% FTP, followed by a 10-min recovery, and then another 20-min ride at 100% FTP. There's a 10-min easy ride between each high-intensity effort and then a 20-min ride at 90% FTP. Finish with a cool-down to reduce injury risk.


Running over 3 weeks from March 1-19, Triathlon Training Camp is the perfect way to kick off your season and improve your performance levels through indoor cycling. There are workouts, challenges, a Group Ride with Frederic Funk and a finale race to test yourself against the best!

Train and race on realistic Challenge Family routes all from the comfort of your own home.

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