ROUVY women and their worlds

6/27/2023 – Danny Holman

ROUVY women and their worlds

We asked four fantastic femmes at the heart of the ROUVY community, each from different corners of the globe, some questions about what makes them tick and their thoughts on the current world of women's cycling. Here's the lowdown with some interesting insight.


Lauren is an ex-South African now happily living in Belgium. Lauren writes passionately for ROUVY with her popular route reviews and engaging website content. Lauren is an avid and competitive road cyclist and mountain biker who, a few years ago, achieved several podium positions for her age category for National Championships and UCI World Masters Champs for road.

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Do you have a favourite route on ROUVY?

I don't only have one favourite route as there are so many, but the ones that have the most meaning for me are those that I have ridden in real life on my vacations in Europe and South Africa (Cape Town and Knysna).

Could you give us an overview of the current state of the female cycling community in your country?

I belong to a road cycling club in Flanders, Belgium, and sadly there are only a handful of women in the club. I have also noticed this in the races I have entered here. There seem to be fewer women involved in cycling as a sport compared to men, but I do see a lot of women riding bikes here as a means of transport and for commuting.

What's your advice for women wanting to get the most out of indoor cycling?

For women, an indoor trainer is an excellent way to include solid and quality training without interference from outside, such as bad weather, traffic and outdoor dangers. In some countries, it is dangerous to train alone in certain areas. Indoors there is NO pressure from others on how you need to train. The world is your oyster! You are always in charge. If you are going too fast, you slow down. If you are tired, you get off. If you're feeling great, you go harder!

To train successfully indoors, you need a solid plan working to a training schedule to keep you on track. Note it down or insert it into a spreadsheet and maybe even share it to do it with a partner or a friend (I achieved Legend with my partner for three years in a row by doing ROUVY challenges and races together. We planned everything day by day that we needed to do). Remember to include essential recovery days, as this helps build fitness just as much as the hard days. A plan is crucial for working towards and achieving your goal. But always be realistic with your time available.

Always allow the feel-good endorphin hormones to flow for on-the-bike therapy. You feel great afterward, and will notice a steady increase in fitness with consistent training. It's good to know that your body is capable of much more than you ever thought possible, which can give you such a great feeling. Love your body, treat it right and it will serve you in turn but give it the tools it needs to accomplish your goals - ROUVY has all the features to help with that!

What music do you listen to while you are riding?

I enjoy most upbeat mainstream music but listen to my 70's rock and 80's playlists the most.

What are your plans for the summer?

We're looking forward to a weekend planned at the Gran Fondo Vosges in northeast France. We will meet up with ROUVY friends and members of our cycling club. In June, I have some relaxed riding and climbing in the French Alps on a working holiday to enjoy iconic climbs such as Alpe d'Huez, Telegraph, Galibier, and Croix de Fer, among others. I rode many of these a few years ago, but my husband hasn't, so I'll be giving him a guided tour. And in July, we will do some climbing and exploring in Slovenia with our club. If there are days with bad weather, I'll use all the routes available on ROUVY to train for these climbs in real life.



Tereza Huříková is a mother of two and a Czech professional road cyclist and mountain biker.Throughout her sporting career, she has won numerous Czech national championship titles in women's cross-country, road races and time trial along with the gold medal in the junior time trial at the 2004 UCI World Championships. She lives in Vimperk with her family.

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What's your favourite route on ROUVY and why?

There is such a wide variety of routes on the ROUVY that it's impossible to single out just one. After taking two years off the bike for the kids, I was amazed when I saw the wide variety of routes ROUVY now offers. The routes from Norway and the National Parks of America are breathtaking. Then there are the big cities where it's hard to ride - Prague, Paris, London, Vienna, Tokyo. Alongside these are places that I have fallen in love with and thanks to ROUVY I can return to later. That's Mallorca, Tuscany or even New Zealand for me. And last but not least, it's the opportunity to ride the routes of famous cycling races where a few of my friends have achieved lifetime results - for example, Ján Svorada at the Tour de France in Paris or Zdeněk Štybar at Paris-Roubaix. That's when I really enjoy the ride.

Could you give us an overview of the current state of the female cycling community in your country? Is it good/bad and how is it changing?

I've been involved in women's cycling for many years, not just as a professional. I've been running camps for 11 years for women who want to improve their mountain biking. This has given me the chance to get an understanding of the realm I now find myself in, where the bike is a means of exercise and fun.

I think that women's cycling is moving forward on all levels. The rapid technical development of bicycles and equipment for indoor cycling had a part to play in this. More and more women are finding their way into cycling, both at recreational and racing level. Women shouldn't be discouraged from taking up a so-called hard sport like cycling right from the start. They just need to be motivated and slowly progress in small improvements.

What do you think would encourage more women to try indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling is great for very busy women who want to keep some space for themselves. But the initial investment is still quite high. First of all, you need to buy a road bike and a trainer or a whole indoor bike. For me, it's a great investment, but I can understand people's hesitancy. It would help if they could try it out first in a fitness centre or specialised studio. If they can get excited about it, they'll be much happier to invest in their own equipment.

ROUVY has great ways to motivate you. Personally, I'm always attracted to collecting coins and signing up for a Challenge where you have to ride multiple selected routes.

When you're riding inside do you listen to music?

Yes, if I'm riding alone I put an earphone in one ear and listen to pop bangers that can get me out of the saddle! I love Offenbach and Robin Schultz.

What are your plans for the summer?

I'm hosting another LADIES BIKE WEEKEND in June, and then we're going to Livigno with my family for a bike ride, which we love. After that, my friends and I are planning to hitch up the carts to our bikes and give our kids a little ride around Lipno. Well, I wish it was summer already! :-)


Nevada, USA

Terri Buryanov is an American triathlete living in Las Vegas. Her first triathlon in 2017 was a miserable experience. She decided to try again, signed up for the Ironman 70.3. and qualified for the World Championship in Taupo. Terri is an enthusiastic content creator, mother of a teenage son and an ex-bartender, supporting her famous youtuber husband.

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What's your favourite route on ROUVY and why?

I don't really have a favourite. If I'm being honest, I usually just log in and complete a route that is on one of the ROUVY Challenges I signed up for.

Could you give us some insight into the current state of the women cycling community in your area/country? Is it good/bad, and how is it changing?

We have a strong cycling community in Las Vegas. Quite a few women who just cycle for fun have pro-level strength and endurance and would be hard to beat if they were interested in signing up for races. Strava's QOM competition is very tough in this area. Every year more and more women are getting into cycling in the area and it's amazing to see how strong they all get so quickly. The cycling community is very active so it's easy to get fast quick, especially when there are multiple group rides almost every day to choose from if you want to ride outside and put your legs to the test with other strong cyclists.

What would encourage more women to try indoor cycling?

I think it would be great if ROUVY, in addition to the workouts, would create plans based on race schedules for athletes. It wouldn't even have to be as advanced as something like Tridot, but to be able to enter a race date, type of race, distance, elevation gain, etc of a race and then have ROUVY create training plans around that, it would be so beneficial. A lot of women in the Las Vegas area do triathlons and just about every one of them uses a coach. I think if even a generic plan was offered women would choose to save the money on a coach and just start using ROUVY.

Do you listen to music etc., while you ride indoors? Do you have some favourite tracks or a music playlist?

I never listen to music while I'm training. If I'm following a plan and need to stay focused or just pushing myself hard, I do better with being alone in my own head. If I'm doing an easy ride on the trainer, I will watch a movie or show.

What are your plans for the summer?

This summer is about family and fixing up my house. I'm taking a break from racing and pushing myself hard. I will ride ROUVY most mornings though because I still love the convenience of rolling out of bed and getting in a good workout without having to leave the house.

I get teased a lot by my friends for how much I ride on ROUVY. I used to ride outdoors usually at least four times per week. Now, I normally just ride outside when Life Time Fitness needs an extra lead for their rides or for special events. I have witnessed a person being killed by a car, I have lost quite a few friends already and I have had friends and family injured and run off the road. Too many cyclists are killed in Las Vegas alone each year and the last time I mentioned another one being killed, my husband said something so awful, but so true, "What do you expect?" That was a big eye-opener and the moment I decided my outdoor riding pleasure isn't as important as not worrying my family every time I decide to go for a ride. ROUVY gives me the freedom to ride pretty much anywhere in the world without leaving the safety of my home. The convenience factor is also amazing because I have a very busy lifestyle and I wouldn't be able to ride for as long if I had to load up all my gear and go places to ride.



Cycling is a way of life for Malena - her motivation and the love she has for this sport is endless, and present in all stages of her life. It has evolved into an art of living and an attitude, the pleasure of discovering new roads, the feeling of freedom, and meeting other passionate people around her.

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Could you give us some insight into the current state of the women cycling community in your area/country? Is it good/bad, and how is it changing?

The women's cycling community in Poland has changed over the last - I would say - two years, with a growing number of women participating in both recreational and competitive cycling. It's noticeable that women have started achieving success at national and international levels. Supportive initiatives, such as training programs and development camps, are empowering women in the cycling sport. Efforts to increase visibility and representation are inspiring more women to join. However, women cyclists in Poland still face challenges related to infrastructure, safety concerns, and societal perceptions.

What would encourage more women to try indoor cycling?

Here are few suggestions to encourage more women to try indoor cycling in my opinion:

  • Convenient and flexible: Women should understand that indoor cycling is a time-saving option that fits into our schedule no matter the weather or time of day.
  • Privacy and comfort: We can enjoy the freedom to exercise in a comfortable environment without worrying about judgement or distractions
  • Tailored workouts: The possibility of customizing workouts to your fitness level and goals, ensuring a challenging yet achievable experience.

Do you listen to music etc., while you ride indoors? Do you have some favourite tracks or a music playlist?

Of course! During workouts I usually prefer high-energy, upbeat tracks to keep my motivation levels high. What really helps me is creating a personalized music playlist with my favourite tracks that can help make my indoor cycling sessions more enjoyable and engaging. I usually choose between rock and techno.

What are your plans for the summer?

My plans for the summer involve embarking on a cycling tour across breathtaking landscapes in Italy in July. Along the way, to make it even more adventurous, I might join a group of fellow cycling enthusiasts and participate in a friendly race event to promote community fitness in Spain at the end of summer. :)

ROUVY for Women

Despite an increase in popularity and riding options in recent years, there is still a gender gap in cycling, and women are not as well-represented in the cycling community as they should be.

ROUVY is running a long-term initiative called ROUVY for Women. Our mission is to encourage women to cycle indoors, build a stronger community and create positive change in actions and attitudes.

Be sure to check out the regular events for women on ROUVY and be part of this growing band of fierce athletes.

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