Tackle the elements

not the other way around

Ride anywhere, compete with anyone

Simulate an outdoor ride indoors. Bike the planet with over 2,500+ available quality video routes or create your own. Control the resistance of the trainer based on the current slope. Stay motivated during a ride.

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One app for every ride

Track and analyze all your training efforts in one place. All your indoor and outdoor data is automatically stored and uploaded on Rouvy.

Structured workout

Maximize your training efficiency with effective interval training. Complete FTP tests, precisely defined workouts and specialized training. Ride the popular Rouvy guide videos and TrainingPeaks auto synced workouts.

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Training diary

Manage and automatically keep track of all your training activities, be it cycling, running or swimming. Plan training schedules, analyze progress, receive recommendations. Sync up with TrainingPeaks by default.

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Extract credible improvements in pedaling technique using a second-by-second post-ride analysis. Unique advanced pedal metrics are displayed and synced with other data both during the ride and post-ride time.

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Motivation & Fun

Participate in fun challenges, build career with both outdoor and indoor rides, compete with friends. Ride "live" online, compete against the clock or leaderboard.

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