Feel the burn

Effort level: 2.8 - 4 W/kg

Weekly scheduled rides and races for cyclists who want to put in the extra effort.

Put in the effort and make these exercises count

When you feel adventurous and want to try something new that will get your heart pumping, come and join our faster tempo rides. You know you are going to feel it but keep going.


Start your week as you mean to go on - with a short race. Choose between a road or time-trial bike and jump into the new week at race pace. This prologue might seem short, but it's intense and is sure to get you warmed up.

Effort level: push yourself


Climb up this week's hill and claim your KOM. How many watts per kilo can you maintain to the summit? Choose your pace carefully - there's some serious work to be done and medals to be won.

Effort level: show us your best


​​Join the race with ups and downs, switching between pushing hard up the hills and resting on the downhills. Always changing pace is a good test of your fitness, or good practice to improve it. What other plans could you possibly have for your Friday?

Effort level: give it your best shot


This crit race is a short 3-10 lap race organised on a flat 1.5-3km lap. It's fast, with most of the riders grouped in the main peloton before someone tries to make the break. An advantage is that, even if a rider gets dropped, they can be -1 lap and join the bunch again. So you never ride alone and there is constant action.

Effort level: go hard


How fast are you on the flat stages? Join Saturday's race with no major hills. Ride in the peloton, watch your slipstream and be ready for a fast finish!

Effort level: no one can give more than 100%, right?

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