Coach Ernie Mantell

Coach Ernie’s grew up playing ice hockey and transitioned to triathlon during college. A few short years after graduation he upped the ante by entering the professional level of the sport. Ernie has worked professional non-sport jobs while pursuing his professional triathlon career and also spends time traveling between training “hotspots” both in the US and Europe. Sometimes it seems Ernie is everywhere doing everything, which gives him loads of lessons and experiences to continually refresh and refine the training of the athletes he coaches.



“I have been racing professionally since 2018, and for a good while concurrently worked a full-time, non-sport job. From personal experience, finding a balance of intentional family, work, and training time is a challenge that I love helping athletes solve for their own lives.”

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Ernie discovered triathlon in Tempe, Arizona while studying at Arizona State University. As an ice hockey player, he needed an outlet to both “play” and “compete,” and he loved being outside. As it turns out, triathlon allowed him to spend all day outside and write it off as “training,” so it was a perfect fit! The club nature of the team at the collegiate level gave him the foundation of community he was accustomed to and is a reason he enjoys being a head coach within Peak Athletic Collective.

Ernie began racing professionally in 2018 at the same time he was working a full-time, non-sport job. His personal experience of managing a career while training at the highest level of sport has equipped him to work with athletes eager to optimize their rhythms of work and training. Time is a limited resource for all, no matter what our skill level, and to perform our best we must learn to understand how to cope with stressors from all areas of life as they happen. Finding a balance of intentional family, work, and training time is a challenge that Ernie enjoys helping his athletes develop skills to solve.