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L'événement s'est terminé leJun 24. 6. 2022 – 19:00
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Série de coursesLA VUELTA WARM UP

The route takes you along Spain’s central plateau, descending towards Valencia and the tropical resort town of Cullera on the Mediterranean coast. It will be a flat route apart from a very short 1km steep ascent in the first half of the course, after which it's flat and fast to the finish line at the Cullera Castle, a Heritage Site of Cultural Interest. Enjoy the sites of this historic resort town with its hilltop fortress, built in the 10th century, viewed on the left at the end of the ride.

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Race and stand a chance to win exciting prizes! Whether you are a sprinter, a puncheur, or a mountain goat there is a route to suit your style. Every point counts, so push yourself to the maximum! The first three riders from each of the 12 races in two time zones will go into the random draw, and ROUVY will pick three winners every racing weekend to participate in Madrid.

VIP PRIZE: A ticket for the Grand Final plus a hotel with a double room for two nights for one rider and a guest, breakfast & 2 VIP tickets