Training Plans

Specialised training plans for dedicated cyclists.

Get close to your fitness goals, improve your fitness and become a better cyclist.


With this plan you'll learn the basics to becoming a better cyclist. Practice short sprints, high intensity rides and pyramid workouts.

Start season with José Hermida

Follow José Hermida's simple 6-week Training Plan to improve your fitness and reduce stress.

Train your speed, endurance, or power

Build your power with Cadex

Power Up! Unleash your inner strength with this plan designed by Stephan Nuesser in collaboration with CADEX. Build the power you need to conquer any challenge.

Speed up with Giant

Speed Demon: Get ready to fly on the road! Stephan Neusser and GIANT bring you the ultimate plan to boost your cycling speed. Pedal faster, race smarter.

Traing your Endurance with Liv

Endurance Unleashed: Challenge your limits and go the distance with this training plan by Stephan Nuesser and LIV. Develop the endurance to conquer long rides and achieve your cycling goals.

Starting with training plans

Start Easy

An excellent entry point for anyone looking to start with ROUVY indoor cycling training plans. Start Easy introduces the importance of structured training in your fitness to make you a better cyclist.

Get Fitter

Our Get Fitter training plan is the ideal starting point if you want to improve your base fitness level. In just four weeks, you will build better endurance on longer flats, practice speeding up, and learn the cadence drills, and we even have some group rides waiting for you.

Level Up

Keep going and level up your fitness even further with our next training plan. The Level Up plan is your next challenge after completing the Get Fitter plan. It's going to get tougher now!

Push Harder

Continue the upward trend and push even harder with the next training plan. Get ready, this one takes some work. We recommend completing the Get Fitter and Level Up plans before starting this one.

Keep going with TrainingPeaks

The road does not end here. Plan your future workouts and get advanced data analysis. Connect TrainingPeaks with ROUVY and continue improving your fitness with your personalised training routines. When you reach Rookie level, we'll give you 30 days of free access to TrainingPeaks.


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