Sync activities with the Final Surge

Jan 11th 2021 — Yuriy Ryashko
ROUVY's new dashboard updates introduce direct integration with Final Surge. All your workouts are now synchronized.

The direct sync integration with Final Surge is here!

Founded by both athletes and coaches, Final Surge is dedicated to bringing athletes and coaches of all types the very best online training log on the market. ROUVY and Final Surge users can now set up the direct sync with Final Surge from the ROUVY’s web dashboard, making managing the training activities quicker and easier.

All workouts completed on the ROUVY platform will automatically sync to the Final Surge calendar, allowing both athletes and coaches to view and analyze the completed workout in Final Surge apps and web platform.

Setup from the ROUVY Web Platform

1. Log into your ROUVY account at

2. Click on the cogwheel icon in the top right-hand corner and select “Cloud” from the menu.


3. From the “Cloud” page, you will see the Final Surge logo listed as one of the connected app options. Click either the “Auto” or “Manual” connection options.


Automatic share mode – workouts will sync automatically as you complete them.

Manual share mode– you must manually click a button to sync the workout to Final Surge.

4. Once youchoose one of the connection options, you will be asked to log into your Final Surge account to authorize the connection between the apps.

5. After you authorize the connection, you’ll see either “Auto” or “Manual” highlighted to the right of the Final Surge logo, confirming the connection is complete.


That’s it! If you chose the “Auto” connection option, all future completed workouts will automatically sync to your Final Surge calendar.

Enjoy your training hours!

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