Explore Greece with ROUVY

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Enjoy a social and non-competitive group ride with Lukas Toth leading you along the stunning Athens Riviera, where you can do some sightseeing at your own pace, regardless of your ability or fitness level. Everyone follows behind the leader on a group ride, and nobody gets dropped. Take this opportunity to have a relaxed ride the further back in the group you ride, or for a slightly more challenging ride, cycle closer to the leader. It is not a race but a chance to have fun and be sociable.

Meander along the Athens Riviera, on the Mediterranean, the coastal area 16km south of Athens from Piraeus to Sounio in the region of Attica and named after the goddess of wisdom and peace, Athena. In this mysterious place, you’ll find the legendary archeological site of the Poseidon temple, dedicated to the mythical god of the sea. On this flat and scenic triathlon course, you can test your power and speed along the glorious stretch of coastal road with stunning views over the glittering Aegean Sea.