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Virtual Tour de World Challenge based on famous cycling routes

Oct 27th 2022

Virtual Tour de World Challenge based on famous cycling routes

ROUVY welcomes everyone to discover famous cycling routes across the continents from the comfort of one’s home. The cycling program provides a great opportunity to improve fitness and explore 6 continents in 6 weeks with well-known names in the international cycling & tri communities: Cameron Jeffers, Elisa Scarlata, Terri Buryanov, and Emidio Terra.

Famous Cycling Routes is a special event series that gives a chance to ride across the world, exploring 6 continents in 6 weeks and offering the chance to win prizes (as well as creating some great impressions). Australasia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and finally Asia are calling on riders to get a real taste of global cycling.


Each continent has its own special characteristics that make it unique. Experience cities, mountains, plains, coastal roads, deserts, forests - the world has everything! These routes have also been chosen to pass fascinating and iconic landmarks so every participant can soak up a little culture while staying fit.


In addition to the individual to-do list, there is a schedule for non-competitive, fun and social rides:

Oct 30th | GR with Emidio Terra | Arthur's Pass National Park | New Zealand | 21km

Nov 6th | R with Elisa Scarlata | Timbavati - Kruger National Park | South Africa | 18 km

Nov 13th | GR with Cameron Jeffers | Staffordshire | West Midlands - Burntwood - Milford | 20 km

Nov 20th | GR with Terri Buryanov | Canada | British Columbia - Skaha Lake - sprint | 20 km


  • Virtual jersey for challenge finisher with a special continental design.
  • Every person that completes all 6 challenges gets into a draw - 12M ROUVY subscriptions.

Registration is free of charge and OPEN HERE.

//Press visuals and the event calendar are available here.


ROUVY is a digital platform that brings the experience of real-life cycling competitions to your home. ROUVY offers thousands of exciting virtual roads to join the pro peloton online or compete with friends. Overlaying augmenting avatars over the geo-synced video footage, ROUVY makes home training both realistic and fun. Cycling enthusiasts and the most demanding athletes are welcome to cycle the world from home to stay fit or get ready for the next race! www.rouvy.com