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Changé - Laval Espace Mayenne, the 1st official ITT on the “Tour de France 2021” arrives to Laval and goes online

Jun 29th 2021

Changé - Laval Espace Mayenne, the 1st official ITT on the “Tour de France 2021” arrives to Laval and goes online

No first week of the Tour had ever offered such a long individual time-trial since 2008, the year of the last Grand Départ in Brest! The geography of Stage 5 varies the scenario and forces a possible reshuffle in the established positions by commanding the athlete to break the litany of flat stages and particularly, serves as a gift to the time-trial specialists.

After 4 straight stages in Bretagne, the Tour de France has just arrived in la Mayenne for the first time trial of the 2021 edition. The course is hosted in the wonderful landscape of this quiet but dynamic county. It is the homeland of great cycling champions like Jacky Durand, Francois Pervis and the Madiot brothers. The Mayenne county is happy to give everyone the opportunity to race this Tuesday, the 29th of June at 2pm CEST, on a multiplayer online course made by the officials of Le Tour for the individual performance of a time trial. With a few hills and long straight lines, the victory is attainable for explosive and enduring competitors.

“The Tour de France is the hardest but the most famous and the most beautiful bike race in the world. It’s an honour to host this time trial from Changé to Laval – Espace Mayenne, and is a great pride to give everyone the chance to ride it in VR. All the beauty and diversity of la Mayenne is now available for everyone, as much as the technical innovation and the dynamism of our beautiful county is. Have a good race!”, says Olivier Richefou, Président of the county council.

Registration is open HERE. Anyone is welcome to enter; the virtual race event is free of charge.

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