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A Virtual Racing Retreat to the Arima Hot Spring

Jul 21st 2020

A Virtual Racing Retreat to the Arima Hot Spring

The fun begins on the streets of Kobe, Japan and snakes its way through the city passing hidden gems of the metropolis. The participants will have an opportunity to race alongside the best riders of Japan. Cyclists located around Japan and the world will meet virtually in Kobe and rush to the summit of Mount Rokko in the Hyōgo Prefecture.

Event Partners: Arima Onsen Tourism Association Youth Department, Tres Corvos Arima, Xebec Co., Ltd., Nishio Rent All Co., Ltd., West Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kobe Sports Industry Conference

In Cooperation With: Wahoo Fitness Japan, ROUVY, Sunvolt Co., Ltd., Hyogo Prefecture eSports Union

The race registration is open here.

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