Keep pedalling

Don't let the weather stop you from staying healthy and energised. Enjoy a special offer just for you.

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Ride in any weather, any time

Rouvy Regulars

Scheduled weekly rides and races to match your fitness level.

Training Plans

Specialised training plans for dedicated cyclists.

Strava Live Segements

See how you perform against others on Strava segments.


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Outside rides count

All your Strava and Garmin cycling activities can be synced with our platform to get you closer to your goals. So, enjoy the summer and progress in ROUVY at the same time!

It's saving your time

If your time is limited, ROUVY is an excellent choice - you can pedal away in just a couple of seconds and finish your training in 30 or 40 minutes.

Don’t be a TV couch potato

Watch the pro racing series and ride them at the same time! On ROUVY, you may find many routes from the pro racing series such as the Tour or La Vuelta. The same applies to famous triathlon courses too!