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Wed, February 24, 2021 18:00 (your local time)

Join the German community on Wednesday's event! Register for the race and get a new jersey!

Ready to explore America with ZRG? Then jump on a bike and ride on Cow Creek in the company of ZRG riders.


About ZRG (Zwift Riders Germany)
ZRG started in 2015 and is now the largest German-speaking e-cycling community with almost 12,000 members.
Whether you are a competitive athlete, ambitious amateur cyclist, relaxed leisure cyclist, or total newcomer - with ZRG, you will find riders of all levels and always an open ear. ZRG maintains friendly, relaxed and helpful interaction with one another, which is typical for the cycling world and just as typical for e-sports. ZRG shares a passion for cycling in general and for togetherness.
Did you hear about ZR because you are already infected with the ROUVY virus? Great, then you will meet like-minded people with ZRG who will talk with you about "Level Professional, Elite, Legend" or about various challenges and routes.
Are you just starting out with ROUVY and have around 1,000 questions - e.g. what about the levels or the challenges? Great, then you will find all the answers with ZRG as well. ZRG is a very active group, both offline and online.
ZRG now has its own Group Rides at ROUVY, a Strava club, a network of members interested in riding outside, inside and celebrate your successes.
Do you feel like doing that? Then become a group member now - ZRG is looking forward to seeing you!
Find out more HERE.

How do I register for the race?

Save your spot on the starting line!

All of the ROUVY adventures start in your ROUVY profile. Follow the steps below for the best Augmented Reality experience:

  • Register for the race using the link below

  • Make sure you DOWNLOAD the route ahead of the race - ideally 1 hour ahead

  • Open the ROUVY AR App and go to ONLINE RACE

  • Select MY RACES - the race will show up here if you’ve registered! 

  • Hit the START button, warm-up, and get ready...the race is about to begin! 




The race starts at 07.00 PM CET / 06.00 PM UTC 


The race will start automatically at the given time - please make sure you are on the starting line and ready to go! 

Have fun and good luck!


For all German-speaking, connect with other athletes CLICK HERE


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