Sun, September 6, 2020 07:00 (your local time)

The ROUVY 25km eRace will see riders from around the world take on the 25km course from Darwin, that was filmed, then converted into ROUVY’s gamified platform.

The course will see riders start and finish at the Darwin Waterfront, taking in Darwin City, The Esplanade, Stuart Highway, Hidden Valley and Tiger Brennan Drive.  It will give those from outside of Darwin a good look at the Top End, while making it interesting for locals to see their city in a different perspective.

The race in Darwin City begins at CEST/ 9:00 am/ 7.00 am UTC/ 4:30pm AST - local time in the Northern Territory, Australia on Sunday the 6th of September, 2020.


How do I register for the race?

Save your spot on the starting line!

All of the ROUVY adventures start in your ROUVY profile. Follow the steps below for the best Augmented Reality experience:

  • Register for the race using the link below

  • Make sure you DOWNLOAD the route ahead of the race - ideally 1 hour ahead

  • Open the ROUVY AR App and go to ONLINE RACE

  • Select MY RACES - the race will show up here if you’ve registered! 

  • Hit the START button, warm-up and get ready...the race is about to begin! 


Register to the race:


The race will start automatically at the given time - please make sure you are on the starting line and ready to go! 

Have fun and good luck!

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