Sat, October 24, 2020 07:00 (your local time)

Drafting changes the rules of the game at the weekly Saturday races!

Beta feature, will be enabled every weekend on Saturday DRAFTING SERIES!

Choose your team leader and set a right team strategy. It is no longer only about the power but about your tactical skills as well.

How to register to the race?

Ensure your spot on the starting line by registering to the race TODAY!

All of the ROUVY adventures start in your ROUVY profile.

Follow the steps to below to the best Augmented Reality experience:

  • Register for the race by using the link below

  • Make sure you DOWNLOAD the route ahead of the race - preferably 1 hour ahead of the race

  • Open the ROUVY AR App and go to ONLINE RACE Select MY RACES, if you have already registered as per the first step

  • Hit the START button and warm up before the race

Register here:

The race will start automatically at the given time - please, make sure you are on the starting line ahead of the start! We wish you a lot of fun and good luck in the racing on ROUVY!

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