Infrastructure DevOps Engineer

We allow athletes to travel the world.

We are looking for a motivated person who would like to work on backend / infrastructure projects in a fast-growing start-up that operates all around the world.

As a Infrastructure DevOps Engineer your typical day might include:

  • Work on designing new backend features, most likely it will be a containerised service based on NodeJS or Python, to consistently fit into our newly build multi-zonal environment
  • Work on deploys or service patches, you will need a general Ops Linux and docker skills
  • Work on our Databases or storages
  • Work on improving our monitoring and BI over all our data
  • Work with some of our partners on some new feature or projects, we have many well-known partners, like La Vuelta, IRON MAN, Garmin and many more

Who are we looking for:

  • A passionate, open-minded self driven person able to work in fast growing environment
  • A person who love cycling and sport in general
  • A person with computer skills related to programing and running an infrastructure
  • A person who can design end to end solutions

Education and Skills:

  • Good knowledge of cloud computing, we are using GCP
  • Able to read and understand any programming language and ability to write code in either Python or NodeJS or C#, while good understanding of bash is a must
  • Any experience with Ansible and Terraform is a plus
  • Experience with databases and knowledge of SQL
  • We are looking for an attitude, not for exact set of skills, if you are willing to learn and you do not afraid to take a responsibility you are a great candidate

This position is open for mid senior and senior level positions, but if you are looking for a junior devops position, we may also have something for you.


ROUVY is the digital racing platform for athletes all over the world to compete, ride with friends, complete workouts, and much more. ROUVY offers thousands of exciting virtual roads and workout options including the ability to race and ride through the entire route catalogue. With fully simulated and realistic efforts ROUVY is the best option for the most demanding athletes to reconnaissance their next race location virtually and be race-day ready. For more information, visit
For more information, visit

ROUVY is always looking for talented individuals for a range of roles including developer, marketing, customer service, and business development.

We need people with the passion for a sport, desire to be a driving force in the planning and delivery of the top quality products.

If this sounds like you, send us your CV at