Epics of North America

20 Nov - 17 Dec

Capture the pioneer spirit and explore some of the great landscapes of Canada and the USA.

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Epics of North America

Capture the pioneer spirit and explore some of the great landscapes of Canada and the USA. The four longer routes of this Spotlight are brand new and will take you on a memorable journey across this vast continent. Perfect for triathletes or riders seeking some challenging adventures.

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Stage 1 | Mataro

In northeastern Barcelona, ride along the scenic coastline to Mataro, a historic town in Costa del Maresme just north of Barcelona, on a gently undulating, mostly flat route.

Stage 3 | Arinsal

Conquer the first summit finish, feel the bite of Andorra's rugged Pyrenean mountainous terrain, and then climb to the Arinsal ski resort summit.

Stage 7 | Platja de Granda

Take a ride along the coast from historical Cullera, a city and municipality of Valencia, to Plato de Grande on a fast and flat route along the Mediterranean coastline in eastern Spain.

Stage 8 | Xorret de Catí

Follow a gently rolling course from Montesol to the 24 km mark where you’ll face the brutal Xorret de Catí climb of the day.

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