Tiago Aragão

Tiago Aragão

I have 20 years of experience as a Cycling Coach. I had Master Graduation in High-Performance Sports - Physiology of Cycling - Graduated in High-Performance Sports - Cycling.


Tiago Aragão, was incorporated in 2009, after a long period of experimental work that began in 2002 at the time of my completion of the Degree in Sport and Physical Education. Right from the start, I started to explore this area of ​​work in an amateur way, where I developed a project to prescribe training and evaluate the performance of endurance athletes: Cycling, Triathlon and Athletics. As the project evolved in proportion to the needs we were finding in Portugal, we created the company and from there I formed a work team that remains almost integrated until today.

Our staff is only made up of licensed sports coaches and specific training in the area of ​​training, as a way to guarantee all our athletes the best monitoring and training prescription, based on science and up-to-date knowledge. We recommend continuous training of our technical team in order to update concepts and innovate in the way we work.

Today, we seek to be one of the references in our work area, continually investing not only in updating knowledge but also in work equipment.

We have an anthropometric and physiological assessment laboratory, also prepared for specific training, where we install highly reliable and quality equipment, as a guarantee of the rigor we recommend in our work.

Intended for training planning and evaluation of Triathlon, Cycling and Running athletes.