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B2C Product Manager

Nous permettons aux athlètes de parcourir le monde entier.

We are looking for a B2C Product Manager. You know how to define MVP well and after you gather enough feedback and data, you further improve on your initial work. You also know what is important and what is not, so you can prioritise a lot of requests. We are in the growth phase of our product, so focus on acquiring new customers is crucial, while keeping the current ones happy.

As a B2C Product Manager your typical day might include:

  • Each Product Manager in the company owns a different area of the product - you will be responsible for web and work on it together with a dedicated multifunctional team of Developers and Designers.
  • You first need to understand the problem, then formulate how to solve that problem by doing research, evaluating data and talking to other smart people around you. Once you know the solution, you work with development team to deliver it, test it and release it to customers. And after some time, you look at how customers use the feature and iterate, make it better or even deprecate it.
  • If you have a technical background, it is a plus, but not a must. You however need to understand whats and hows of software development.
  • Map and prioritise goals, clearly communicate objectives, make a data driven decisions with the highest business value.

Who are we looking for:

  • 3+ years of experience as a B2C Product Manager in software development
  • Ability to talk at a technical level
  • Ability to start, maintain and finish tasks
  • High attention to detail, but also knowing when to leave details behind
  • If you have passion for cycling, that would make a lot of things easier, because you would know what FTP, W/kg and VO2 max stand for and why it might interest our customers. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry, we will explain it to you. We have huge ambitions and this is a unique opportunity to work on something everyone will soon recognize as a synonym to getting fit.

Education and Skills:

  • Must have strong organizational skills
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative analysis skills
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English

How to stand out among the rest:

  • Your resume/CV is enough to show off your skills, accomplishments, and experience. However, if you choose to include a cover letter introducing us to your awesome personality, we will read that too.

À propos de ROUVY

ROUVY est la plateforme de course numérique qui permet aux athlètes du monde entier de concourir, de rouler entre amis, de faire des entraînements complets et bien plus encore. ROUVY propose des milliers de routes virtuelles passionnantes et d'options d'entraînement, y compris la possibilité de courir et de rouler sur l'ensemble du catalogue d'itinéraires. Avec des efforts entièrement simulés et réalistes, ROUVY est la meilleure option pour les athlètes les plus exigeants pour reconnaître virtuellement leur prochain lieu de course et être prêt pour le jour de la course. Pour plus d'informations, rends-toi sur
Pour plus d'informations, rends-toi sur www.rouvy.com.

ROUVY est toujours à la recherche de personnes talentueuses pour divers rôles, y compris développeur, marketing, service client et développement commercial.

Nous avons besoin de personnes ayant passion pour un sport, la volonté d'être une force motrice dans la planification et la livraison de produits de qualité supérieure.

Si cela te ressemble, envoie-nous ton CV à job@rouvy.com.