Taste of the Spring Classics | MEDIUM

The first part of the season is coming also to ROUVY. We are bringing you the taste of the very exciting opening for your spring calendar. The roads of Belgium, Netherlands and France, with authentic cobbled sections and short steep hills, will suit all the punchers in the peloton. Explore these new routes right from your saddle and enjoy riding from your home! Complete the challenge and earn 700 coins and a unique jersey kit for your avatar.

The Spring Classics is a series of one-day cycling races that take place in the spring season in Europe. These races are some of the most prestigious and challenging events in the cycling world, with iconic routes that feature cobbled sections, steep climbs, and challenging terrain. The Spring Classics races include events such as the Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, Amstel Gold Race, and Liege-Bastogne-Liege. These races are known for their rich history, challenging terrain, and unpredictable weather conditions, which can add an extra layer of difficulty for the cyclists.

Hills of Flanders | Belgium

The Hills of Flanders is a popular cycling place located in the northern part of Belgium, known for its numerous challenging climbs and cobbled roads. It is a home to some of the most famous cycling races in the world, including the Tour of Flanders. The area is characterised by its rolling hills, scenic countryside, and charming mediaeval towns and villages. Cyclists who come here can enjoy challenging climbs such as the iconic Oude Kwaremont and Koppenberg.

Through Flanders Fields | Belgium

This route will take you on tour through the Fields of Flanders near Heuvelland. It is a beautiful cycling spot located in the southern part of the Netherlands, near the Belgian border. The area is a popular destination for cyclists who come to test their skills and endurance on the challenging climbs and winding roads. With its challenging climbs and breathtaking scenery, Heuvelland is a must-visit destination for any cycling enthusiast.

Paris Roubaix | Hell of the North | France

Paris-Roubaix, or Hell of the North and also known as Queen of the Classics, is the third monument of the cycling Spring Classics season and is one of the most legendary, taking place in early April. Starting in Compiène, north of Paris, the men follow the course with numerous pavé or cobblestone sections or 'sectors' varying in difficulty and length, making their way to Roubaix in the north of France, near the border of Belgium.

Amstel Gold Race | Limburg, Netherlands

Amstel Gold Race cycling area is located in the southern part of the Netherlands, near the city of Maastricht. It is known for its challenging hilly terrain, which makes it a favourite among professional and recreational cyclists alike. The area is famous for hosting the annual Amstel Gold Race, one of the most important one-day races in the world of cycling. The race features many steep climbs, winding roads, and narrow paths, making it a true test of endurance and skill.

La Doyenne | Belgium

La Doyenne is a famous cycling area located in the Ardennes region of Belgium. It is known for its challenging terrain with steep climbs, winding roads, and picturesque scenery. La Doyenne is home to the famous cycling race, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, which is considered one of the five "Monuments" of cycling. The area attracts thousands of cyclists each year who come to test their skills and endurance on the tough routes.


Spring Classics Jersey kit

Spring Classics Jersey kit

A virtual jersey kit for anyone who completes the challenge.

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Tasks & Rules

Ride and finish the selected routes in a Time Trial, Race, or Just Ride mode without lowering the "reality level".