TRI Summer Drill

7.8. - 3.9.2023

Put the power down and pursue your endurance and climbing goals in Almere, Davos and Vieux Boucau and earn a Challenge Family avatar jersey.

Ready to take on a new challenge?

Put the power down and pursue your endurance and climbing goals in Almere, Davos and Vieux Boucau and earn a Challenge Family avatar jersey.

Explore epic routes

Challenge Almere - Amsterdam | Netherlands 54 km

The Challenge Family scenic course in Almere takes you along cycle paths through the province of Flevoland, along the IJMeer, an important bird habitat and between dikes, farms and fields of windmills.

Challenge Davos | Switzerland 55 km

Challenge yourself on an out-and-back course with tough climbing in breathtaking scenery on the Flüela Pass. Pace yourself to finish strong. Enjoy the magnificent sweeping downhills with vistas of alpine forests.

Challenge Vieux Boucau | France 35km

The beautiful route through the wilderness of Vieux Boucau takes you along the fast and flat roads and through the forests of the Landes de Gascogne forest region in the southwest of France near the coast.

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