Tour de Kyushu Oita Stage Desafío

Oita Prefecture is a treasure trove of excellent tourism resources, including hot springs that boast the largest number of hot springs in Japan, fresh foods nurtured by the rich natural environment, valuable historical and cultural heritage, and local traditional culture.

The city is surrounded by the Aso-Kujyu and Mt. Hiko mountain ranges, and the abundant water flowing from these mountain ranges meets in the Hita Basin, enriching the lives of its residents and industries. The city is rich in forests and water. The forestry industry has flourished in Hita since ancient times, and many people have been involved in the forestry and lumber industry, especially in the area of cedar trees, which are of high quality due to the city's rainy climate.

The city is also blessed with good water resources and is called "Suikyo," meaning "water village." Sake breweries established in the Edo period and, in recent years, beer and shochu breweries have also set up shop in the city to take advantage of the good water. Hita pears and Daisen plums grown in the good water are known as brand-name products, and local gourmet foods such as "Hita yakisoba" can be enjoyed.

It is in Hita that we would like to introduce the course for this event.

The course runs through Autopolis, the only large-scale internationally certified racing course in Kyushu, and you can also hear the sound of the river called "Suikyo" and smell the trees in the mountains.

When you visit for real, we recommend that you also enjoy the cyclist-friendly facilities and relax and relieve your fatigue in the hot spring resorts known as Hita Onsen and Amagase Onsen.


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