Elite Charity Ride

The Elite Charity Ride is not just about being active, it is actually about making a difference. Take your chance to be part of something bigger and tackle the charity ride route here on ROUVY. For every successful participation, we donate 5 euros to one of the two aid campaigns listed below in Germany. Of course, you can also support one of the projects yourself, because many of the small contributions together form a large one that can really help and make a difference.

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13 días 2 hrs 1 minutos

Cycling for a good cause!

And this is how it works:

  1. Register for free with ROUVY during the campaign period and register for the Elite Charity Ride (ROUVY can be used freely within the campaign period)
  2. Complete the route and keep your eyes open
  3. Determine which charity your donation should go to
  4. Show everyone that you participated and motivate others with the hashtag #elitecharityride



As soon as you have completed the route of the Elite Charity Ride, we will donate 5 euros (up to a maximum of 10,000 € in total) to one of the projects mentioned below.

The ELITE Charity Ride supports

Stiftung Kinderglück, Projekt Fahrrad

Stiftung Kinderglück, Projekt Fahrrad

Cycling means freedom and is very valuable for children for education. The happiness of children Bicycle project enables children and youth to get the bikes.

Fundación Wiphala (Wipalla e.V.)

Fundación Wiphala (Wipalla e.V.)

The aim is the improvement of the living situation of socially disadvantaged, working children and poor women - by giving them ways out of the circle.


Paul Lange & Co. OHG

Paul Lange & Co. OHG

Paul Lange & Co. OHG is one of the leading companies in the European bicycle industry.


You must ride and finish the selected routes in a "Time Trial" or Race.