from 05/11/2019 to 06/02/2019

Have you already seen the routes for the Giro d´Italia 2019? Very nice, right? We are thrilled that, this year, we are able to provide you with one directly identical route from the 16th stage of Giro 2019 - Passo Gavia. And we have other routes from previous stages, so we can offer you plenty of joy and happiness. And on top of that? We are offering you a chance to win one of the great thematic prizes from Elite. Let’s join in, and prove your climbing ability to fight on for the Pink on these iconic climbs!



This Challenge is over. Prize Winners are announced.

The winner of the Elite jersey and bibs is Bernard Doogan, aka “ben321“; the winner of Elite package with the bottles, with the official graphic of the Giro is Karen S. Noel, aka “bunches415,“ and the Elite package with the pink Custom Race Plus Cage won Kris Stegmann, aka “tcwings“. More details on Facebook. Congratulation! Great job and good luck to all next time!



Task & Rules:

Finish INDOORS all mandatory routes to be eligible to be included in the draw for prizes.

Terms & Conditions:


*The official promoter and administrator of this promo is VirtualTraining s.r.o., Czech Republic. All exhaustive legal general terms & conditions are located here.