Congrats, you are now an Elite athlete. If you want to stay elite, you need to be sure to train with the elite. We are really going to test your abilities and you may feel some pain. Oh, and there is plenty of climbing coming your way!
Estimated effort
Approximately 17 - 21 h of indoor ride
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Tasks to reach the next level

Career Rules

  • Rouvy calculates the points for "Career Mode" based on TSS. 1 TSS = 1 Point (TSS is calculated automatically during the ride.)
  • All listed tasks for the level must be done in the level. It doesn’t matter what routes you have finished in the past.
  • Accumulative tasks are calculated by the finished day of the last activity.
  • More in knowledge base here.

Prizes for the Level induction

1 draw for an experience day with a Pro team on Giro stage sponsored by Elite  

  • In December, January, February, March and April one person will be randomly chosen for the final draw.    
  • Date for the draw: The final draw among the finalists is set to take place in April. (Final date is subject to a possible change.) 


Terms and conditions

  • Rouvy will contact the winner(s) immediately after the result of the drawing announcement.
  • Prizes are not exchangeable for money and to be shipped to the winner(s) by Rouvy according to standard shipment terms to your country.
  • Winner’s photo with the unpacked prize is highly desirable for posting on social media for proof and encouragement for others. 

*All terms & conditions regarding prizes and correlational policies are here.


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