ROUVY CAREER 2017-2018


You did it, you are a sports celebrity in your country! You represent the home country in every race and challenge that you complete. It‘s only one more little step to become a World Champion, yet it could be the hardest challenge that you‘ve ever faced.
Estimated effort: Approximately 90h of indoor ride
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NOVEMBER WINNERS "Runninghogger" and "slindquist"

DECEMBER WINNERS: "ironben" and "mmpj"

JANUARY WINNERS: "Meatyhead" and "Delli"

FEBRUARY WINNERS: "miky69" and "cyclistrob"

MARCH WINNERS: "mhunck" and "robgaw "

APRIL WINNERS: "trekgirl" and "Cyclopaat"

MAY WINNERS: "chopperichards" and "Hopfgartner"

JUNE WINNERS: "BianchiGirl" and "BikeOps"

JULY WINNERS: "komar1602" and "mhunck"

AUGUST WINNERS: "Growing_Young" and "brainata"
SEPTEMBER WINNERS: "winksaville" and "mmpj"


Tasks to reach the next level

  • Collect at least 4 finisher´s badges at this level to become World Class!
  • Ride premium route "Challenge Roth" in race mode. 
  • Ride premium route "Furka - Grimsel - Susten" in race mode.
  • Collect 4500 points at this level.

Career Rules

  • Rouvy calculates the points for "Career Mode" based on TSS.  1 TSS = 1 Point (TSS is calculated automatically during the ride.)
  • All listed tasks for the level must be done in the level. It doesn’t matter what routes you have finished in the past.
  • Accumulative tasks are calculated by the finished day of the last activity.
  • More in knowledge base here.


Prizes for the Level induction 

2 random draws every month for 1 pair of CycleOps tires ($35 in value) for everyone who was inducted in this level during the Rouvy Season 17/18 official period.


Terms and conditions

  • Rouvy will contact the winner(s) immediately after the result of the drawing announcement.
  • Prizes are not exchangeable for money and to be shipped to the winner(s) by CycleOps according to standard shipment terms to your country.
  • Winner’s photo with the unpacked prize is highly desirable for posting on social media for proof and encouragement for others.

*All terms & conditions regarding prizes and correlational policies are here.