ROUVY CAREER 2017-2018


Congratulations, you have advanced to the first Rouvy career level. Keep on riding to advance in your career, and show us that you are up for the challenge.
Estimated effort: Approximately 4h of indoor ride
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Every month, one person will be chosen for the final draw. The final draw among the finalists is set to take place in September. 

NOVEMBER finalist is “opveiby”
DECEMBER finalist is "JogoOlos"
JANUARY finalist is "fenderperry"
FEBRUARY finalist is "miguel2510"
MARCH finalist is "gracoleman"
APRIL finalist is "srfoster"
MAY finalist is: "kg_maclean"
JUNE finalist is: "thislop"
JULY finalist is: "Bisso"
AUGUST finalist is: "jorisee"
SEPTEMBER finalist is: "candice.nefdt"

Tasks to reach the next level

Career Rules

  • Rouvy calculates the points for "Career Mode" based on TSS. 1 TSS = 1 Point (TSS is calculated automatically during the ride.)
  • All listed tasks for the level must be done in the level. It doesn’t matter what routes you have finished in the past.
  • Accumulative tasks are calculated by the finished day of the last activity.
  • More in knowledge base here.

Prizes for the Level completion

1 draw for 1 Tacx Flux Smart Trainer ($899 in value) among the chosen finalists who completed this level during the Rouvy Season 17/18 official period. 

  • Every month one person will be randomly chosen for the final draw.    
  • Date for the draw:  The final draw among the finalists is set to take place in September. (Final date is subject to a possible change.) 

Terms and conditions

  • Rouvy will contact the winner(s) immediately after the result of the drawing announcement.
  • Prizes are not exchangeable for money and to be shipped to the winner(s) by Tacx according to standard shipment terms to your country.
  • Winner’s photo with the unpacked prize is highly desirable for posting on social media for proof and encouragement for others. 

*All terms & conditions regarding prizes and correlational policies are here.

One-glance Overview for Tacx Flux Smart Trainer



Tacx FLUX is a compact and realistic interactive direct drive and is maintenance-free. The swift response of the Smart electronics and the 7kg flywheel transmit the slightest fluctuations in resistance directly and accurately to your legs.