ROUVY CAREER 2017-2018


Fantastic! It took a lot of pain, suffering, hard work and we know it. You deserved to be named Rouvy World Class now! It‘s time to keep pedaling to retain this level for the whole Indoor season. Your Legend status is just one stop away!
Estimated effort: Approximately 200h of indoor ride
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NOVEMBER WINNER: „Hopfgartner“

DECEMBER WINNER: "slindquist"

JANUARY WINNER: "tbutlerk"



APRIL WINNER: "growingyoung"

MAY WINNER: "tbutlerk"
JUNE WINNER: "jbclimber"
AUGUST WINNER: "scvwaal"
SEPTEMBER WINNER: "tommaigatter111"


Tasks to reach the next level

  • Ride premium route "Valley of Tears" in race mode.
  • Ride "Haleakala" in race mode.
  • Complete at least 6 challenges in this level.
  • Collect 10000 points. 

Career Rules

  • Rouvy calculates the points for "Career Mode" based on TSS.  1 TSS = 1 Point (TSS is calculated automatically during the ride.)
  • All listed tasks for the level must be done in the level. It doesn’t matter what routes you have finished in the past.
  • Accumulative tasks are calculated by the finished day of the last activity.
  • More in knowledge base here.

Prizes for the Level induction

1 random draw every month for 1 PowerCal Heart Rate Monitor for everyone who was inducted in this level during the Rouvy Season 17/18 official period.

Terms and conditions

  • Rouvy will contact the winner(s) immediately after the result of the drawing announcement.
  • Prizes are not exchangeable for money and to be shipped to the winner(s) by PowerTap according to standard shipment terms to your country.
  • Winner’s photo with the unpacked prize is highly desirable for posting on social media for proof and encouragement for others. 

*All terms & conditions regarding prizes and correlational policies are here.


Why PowerCal?


The PowerCal is the world’s first-ever power meter calculated from heart rate. At the time of its release it was an incredible innovation combining two important training metrics: heart rate and power. And after all these years, the PowerCal remains as one of our most popular products, and for a good reason – athletes of all kinds trust it ride after ride.