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Operation Manager

Wir ermöglichen Sportlern, die Welt zu bereisen.

ROUVY is a global indoor cycling platform for athletes where everyone can compete, ride with friends for fun, exercise and much more. Our ambition is to bring Olympic Cycling Esport to ROUVY and our mission is to bring the world of cycling to your home. We connect the indoors and outdoors. You can also read about us: CzechCrunch, Seznam.cz, DVTV .

Whats’s the mission and purpose of the position?

The mission is to operate & innovate process management across the finance & back-office operations agenda (especially procurement), optimization of everything repetitive, managing back-office & finance & subscription applications (software tools) to save costs, be a more efficient company, be better for our customers and to improve profit.

What will be your workload?

  • Administration and operational management of the systems used to manage our customer portfolio, billing or paying for our services online applications such as Chargebee, ProfitWell, Paypal, Adyen.
  • Fail transactions (deliquent churn) improvement.
  • Procurement optimization, doing tenders, exploring better alternatives for how to solve our needs, cost control ability across company.
  • Creation of processes, automatization and internal company documents - internal guidelines for employees.
  • Manage user access to enterprise software - create, edit or delete user right.
  • Office management - responsibility for the Prague and Brno office.
  • Helping our Finance Department - gathering data for budget updates, documentation for audit and valuations, trademark registrations and other finance/legal projects.
  • Corporate storage ruler (Docspoint, Google Drive)

What do we expect from you?

  • Ability to gather data from various IT systems, create sheets with numbers, do analysis or longer texts
  • Ability to move things forward independently
  • Strongly goal & delivery oriented (we are expecting to see progress every week)
  • Not to be afraid of exploring & trying new ways
  • Exploring possibilities and innovations of our finance, back-office & subscription tools
  • Time-management and organization skills
  • Proactive approach to problem-solving
  • Advanced knowledge of IT systems (Google Drive, various SaaS applications and software tools)
  • English at least B2 (we have English speaking colleagues )
  • Prague based


  • We are ambitious and our goal is to have more than 2 million active users by 2025.
  • We are planning to make ROUVY a partner for the Olympic games.
  • We are a team of 100+ and we are building a successful, leading global product based in the Czech Republic.
  • We have a high-speed and progressive work-ethic. You will be constantly challenged with us.
  • We are dynamic and hands-on in nature, and we need you to be the same.
  • We are team of true experts in their field.

What's in it for you?

  • Flexible working hours.
  • 5 weeks of holidays, 2 sick days
  • Scott & Weber offices service (RUSTONKA building)
  • Budget allowance for personal development
  • Yearly contribution to English lessons
  • 3 extra days of holidays if participating in a ROUVY sporting trip
  • Lending of a trainer for your home so you can be in close contact with our product and be fit and ready for our team rides.
  • Young and friendly team 👫


ROUVY ist die digitale Rennplattform für Sportler auf der ganzen Welt, um an Wettkämpfen teilzunehmen, mit Freunden zu fahren, Trainings abzuschließen und vieles mehr. ROUVY bietet Tausende von aufregenden virtuellen Straßen und Trainingsoptionen, einschließlich der Möglichkeit, Rennen zu fahren und durch den gesamten Streckenkatalog zu fahren.. Mit vollständig simulierten und realistischen Anstrengungen ist ROUVY die beste Option für die anspruchsvollsten Athleten, um ihren nächsten Rennort virtuell zu ermitteln und für den Renntag gerüstet zu sein.
Weitere Informationen findest du unter www.rouvy.com.

ROUVY ist immer auf der Suche nach talentierte Personen für eine Reihe von Funktionen, einschließlich Entwickler, Marketing, Kundendienst und Geschäftsentwicklung.

Wir brauchen Menschen mit Leidenschaft für eine Sportart, Wunsch, eine treibende Kraft bei der Planung und Lieferung von Produkten höchster Qualität zu sein.

Wenn das nach dir klingt, schick uns deinen Lebenslauf an job@rouvy.com.