Virtual Tour de Taki Challenge

A scenic course centred on Taki Town, located in the centre of Mie Prefecture, and including the town of Meiwa on Ise Bay and four neighbouring towns, Odai Town and Watakai Town along the Miya River and Kihoku Town facing the Pacific Ocean.

Taki Town is blessed with rich nature and produces abundant foodstuffs such as ISEIMO, MAEKAWA Jiro persimmons, mandarin oranges, MATSUSAKA beef and shiitake mushrooms, and is a town where you can experience 'local food culture' provided by the climate and climate, including 'ingredients', 'eating habits', 'cooking', 'local cuisine' and 'history'. The area is also home to many cycling routes, with some of the five courses being national cycling routes.


You must ride and finish the selected routes in a "Time Trial" or Race.