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Oct 2 – Nov 12

Join the 6-week celebration of indoor cycling around the globe.

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Global Tourist

6 fairly easy rides through 6 continents in 6 weeks. Here are some of the most scenic routes on ROUVY to give you a global Tour de World. Have fun!

Hill thrill-seeker

Six of the most iconic climbs around the world await you in this challenge. For riders who want to elevate their riding experience, we're gonna take you higher.

Hardcore explorer

Epic routes for epic riders. A tough combination of distance and elevation over some of the world's most famous tri routes provides a real challenge for triathletes and seasoned cyclists.

The Workouts

Workout challenge - finish 4 workouts from a new training plan by Jose Hermida to improve your fitness, reduce weight and loose your everyday stress.


Complete 100km on any ROUVY routes within the set time period and earn 500 Experience points. If all riders complete 1 million km during the challenge period, we'll give out some additional virtual freebies.


Devils Tower National Monument | Wyoming

Ride in an area past an unusual geological feature protruding out of the prairie in the Black Hills of Wyoming, considered sacred by the indigenous people.

Along the Colorado River

Meander along the Colorado River Valley accompanied by one of the many tributaries in a beautiful and rugged landscape setting in the USA.

Round Lake | Saskatchewan | Canada

Enjoy a scenic meander through the lush landscape of Saskatchewan, Canada, past Round Lake and up past Bird's Point and along some gravel roads.

Needles Scenic Highway | South Dakota

The Needles Highway is a spectacular route through pine and spruce forests. You'll find fields surrounded by birch and aspen and rugged granite mountains.

Mt. Lemmon | Arizona

Mt. Lemmon is the longest, and one of the most challenging and popular cycling climbs in Arizona with views of the unique saguaro cactus plants and hoodoo rock formations.

Bryce National Park | Utah

Discover the incredible Bryce Canyon National Park in Southwestern Utah, famous for its unusual geology - unique hoodoo rock formations.

Spudman Race Route | Idaho

Ride a segment of the bike leg of one of the most popular small town triathlons in the USA. The event is held annually in the beautiful countryside of Burley, Idaho.

Centennial Lake Nature Reserve | Canada

Take in the beautiful and peaceful seasonal colours of autumn in the picturesque Centennial Lake Provincial Nature Reserve near Ottawa, in Ontario, Canada.

South Frontenac | Ontario | Canada

Frontenac Provincial Park in southern Ontario is filled with beautiful scenery and wildlife and is part of the UNESCO-listed Frontenac Arch Biosphere.

Start the season with José Hermida

Follow José Hermida's simple 6-week Training Plan to improve your fitness and reduce stress.


Don't miss out on any of the events on Ride the World, download the schedule and join us on the route!

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ROUVY 12-Months Subscription

Complete one of the Ride the World challenges and have a chance of winning a 12-month ROUVY subscription!

ROUVY jersey

Complete one of the Ride the World challenges and have a chance of winning a Santini ROUVY kit!

North America virtual kit

Take part in the Tuesday and Thursday races on ROUVY to unlock your virtual jersey. It's a prize worth racing for! 1st week: 3 and 5 October.

Create an account

To begin your journey on ROUVY, the first step is creating an account. Simply head over to the ROUVY website and sign up for a free account and enjoy a 14-day trial period. You can register using your email address or through your Facebook or Apple account to get started. You can download the ROUVY indoor cycling app to your preferred device. It's available on all major platforms and devices, including iPhone, iPad, laptops, Windows, Android, and Apple TV. Don't forget to recommend your friends and get rewards.


Connect your devices

For the next step you'll need a bike trainer. You can use a smart trainer that connects to ROUVY via Bluetooth or ANT+ or a classic trainer with a speed and cadence sensor. You can also connect a heart rate monitor and a power meter if you have them. ROUVY support is here to help if you are having trouble with connecting your trainer.

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Start riding on real routes

Bring excitement to your exercise. With virtual routes that simulate real-world landscapes, you can experience the excitement of cycling through stunning mountains, scenic coastal roads, and vibrant city streets from the comfort of your own home.

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