The Greece Getaway Series

Visit Greece, a unique and beautiful destination famous for its rich cultural and historical landmarks, pristine white beaches and vast turquoise Mediterranean coastline on the longest coastline in Europe,  where we will explore: the mainland riviera, one of the islands, and the Peloponnese.



Visit Naxos, one of the 227 inhabited Greek islands forming part of the Cyclades, the most famous island group in the Aegean Sea. The legendary tales of the god Zeus, father of the Olympian gods and Dionysus, the god of wine, are known to originate here. The ruin Portara, Naxos’ most famous landmark, forms part of an ancient Greek temple dedicated to the god Apollo. Ride on a 27km rolling terrain and enjoy the gorgeous coastline with pristine white beaches and deep azure waters.


Lake Doxa

Explore Lake Doxa, a small paradise in the Corinthian range nestled in the lush alpine forest around a beautiful picture-postcard mountain and idyllic lake setting, the mythical birthplace of the god Hermes. Challenge yourself on the two short and sharp climbs, followed by a flat section surrounded by a varied landscape and ending with picturesque views of Lake Doxa, which you will circle a few times.



Meander along the Athens Riviera, on the Mediterranean, the coastal area 16km south of Athens from Piraeus to Sounio in the region of Attica and named after the goddess of wisdom and peace, Athena. In this mysterious place, you’ll find the legendary archeological site of the Poseidon temple, dedicated to the mythical god of the sea. On this flat and triathlon course, you can test your power and speed along the glorious stretch of coastal road with stunning views over the glittering Aegean Sea.

Explore Greece with ROUVY


Join the Group Ride with ROUVY team and enjoy a non-competitive, fun and social ride exploring the area. Enjoy the scenery as you get pulled along by the algorithm further back in the group for an easy ride or venture closer to the leader to apply more effort. This is not a race but a social event.