Conquer Climbs in France | EPIC

Earn your reward on completing the challenge routes in Time Trial or Race mode: A 30% discount coupon for the ROUVY jersey from our e-shop, plus a special avatar jersey, helmet, and gloves. Embrace the climbs and pace yourself conservatively in easy gears with a high cadence to delay fatigue.

Col du Télégraphe - Galibier | France

Col du Télégraphe - Galibier

The challenge in reaching the famous and legendary Col du Télégraphe - Col du Galibier summit is all the climbing done before on the Télégraphe before you get to the foot of the Galibier. Because it is such a long, legendary and epic climb, it is a favourite in the Tour de France. Warning: the last 2km have a sting in the tail after 2090m ascent. But the panoramic views of the Ecrins range and the Mont Blanc will be worthwhile to the summit!

Croix-de-Fer (St-Jean) | France

Croix-de-Fer (St-Jean)

The Croix de Fer climb begins from one of the world's most magnificent bike climbing areas, Bourg d'Oisans, starting in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne and is also one of the longest-distance climbs in France at 28.5 kilometers and 1665m ascent. The climb has the most beautiful alpine scenery for the entire climb, with the eastern approach being one of the most spectacular and ending at the legendary Iron Cross. The Croix de Fer has featured in the Tour de France 20 times between 1947 and 2022.

Alpe d'Huez | France

Alpe d'Huez

Alpe d'Huez is undeniably the world's most famous climb, with 31 appearances on the Tour since 1952, won by Italian Fausto Coppi. This climb could be the most famous venue for cycling. The turns, not the finish, make this the most famous climb in the world. Number 21 is the first hairpin on the ascent, and hairpin 1 is the last. Starting from Bourg d'Oisans, you will head into a 10% plus gradient for the first 3 km. You then settle into a steady 8% through Huez and up to Alpe d'Huez.

Col du Granon | France

Col du Granon

Col du Granon is a high and secluded mountain pass in the Alps in the Hautes-Alpes in Southeastern France. A narrow road winds steeply up the southern approach, surrounded by a barren and rugged landscape. The climb is the sixth most difficult in France and is consistently steep, rarely dipping under 7% with a 1,056m ascent over 12km. The steepest 500-meter stretch is 13.9%, and the steepest kilometre is 12.9%. The climb has featured in the Tour twice, first in 1986 and again in 2022.


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