Join TRI TRAINING CAMP with Challange Family on excellent routes from EUROPE. Challenge yourself and earn 600 coins and a virtual Challenge Family Jersey kit for your ROUVY avatar once completed in Time Trial or Race mode, or Just Ride mode without lowering the "reality level.

Challenge Salou | Spain 30 km

Challenge Salou

Ride on a fast and flat 30 km course, dual carriageway tree-lined road along Spain’s Golden Coast or Costa Daurada to the centre of Salou with a palm-tree lined road. Test your power, speed and condition on this flat route in Tarragona Province. The resort town is known for its resort beaches and relaxing and tropical tourist attractions.

Challenge Wales | UK 30 km

Challenge Wales

Based in Pembrokeshire, on the far west of Wales, and Britain's only Coastal National Park, one can find kilometres of coastal walks, water sports and wildlife on scenic beaches, coves and cliffs. The 30 km route allows an insight into the history and heritage of Pembrokeshire. Starting with a short ascent, you'll follow a slightly undulating course before a fast section to the historic St.Davids, the UK's smallest city, with excellent views of some natural coastal beauty of the ocean.

Challenge Geraardsbergen | Belguim 40 km

Challenge Geraardsbergen

The inhabitants of the Geraardsbergen had an old expression: ‘There are three great walls in the world, Wall of China, Berlin Wall and our Wall!' The Muur, which comes near the end of this rolling 40 km classic course, is one of Europe's most famous and renowned climbs and a must-do bucket list challenge for every avid and passionate cyclist. It is legendary because it is one of the most challenging climbs, not for its length but for the steepness of the gradient and ruggedness of the cobbles.

Challenge St. Polten | Austria 40 km

Challenge St. Polten

Riding to Sankt Polten, the capital of the state of Lower Austria, you can enjoy a flat and fast 40 km course along a straight and smooth motorway before meandering your way through vineyards and the magnificent lush countryside of Wachau, a World Heritage Site along the Danube River. There are three challenging climbs on the route with fast downhills to recover.


Triathlon Training Camp

Running over 3 weeks from March 1-19, Triathlon Training Camp is the perfect way to kick off your season and improve your performance levels through indoor cycling. There will be workouts, challenges, a Group Ride with Frederic Funk and a finale race to test yourself against the best!

Train and race on realistic Challenge Family routes all from the comfort of your own home.


Challenge Family

Challenge Family

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Tasks & Rules

Ride and finish the selected routes in a Time Trial, Race, or Just Ride mode without lowering the "reality level.