Tour de Suisse | Flashback 2022 | HARD

Ride on rolling courses with a few short climbs, through magnificent alpine and rural Switzerland on routes through beautiful countryside and towns ridden by the pro peloton in 2022. Earn 750 coins once completed in Time Trial or Race mode.

Stage 2 (Aesch) - Tour de Suisse 2022

Ride on a rolling route with only one climb just south of Basel in the northernmost part of Switzerland through lush rural and semi-urban countryside. The first 6 km are downhill, providing an excellent warm-up to launch into the 6km climb that follows, averaging 6%, and a good place to attack in a race. Once you crest the climb, there is a fast-rolling terrain to the finish at the 26,8 km mark.

Stage 3 (Chur) - Tour de Suisse Women 2022

Ride through 28km of magnificent alpine scenery with snow-capped peaks in the distance. The route takes you through rolling countryside that includes one significant climb of 4km followed by rolling hills on a slightly uphill finish. The course starts in southern Liechtenstein, following the Rhine river towards Chur, a town in the Grisonian Rhine Valley.

Stage 4 (Brunnen) - Tour de Suisse 2022

This stunning course will take you through Oberath and the Sägel Naturschutzgebiet, after which you'll start heading up a 5km climb called the Sattel. On the additional lap in the Mythen region, you'll have to tackle this testing ascent followed by a spectacular sweeping downhill with views over snow-capped mountains. The downhill offers a last opportunity for breakaways and those in the race who like climbing to shake off the sprinters.

Stage 4 (Lenzerheide) - Tour de Suisse Women 2022

This beautiful 43km Swiss route is mostly downhill and ends on a 6km climb, so you'll have warm legs by the time you reach the final ascent. Enjoy the natural alpine countryside landscape, starting near Davos and ending in Lenz.

Stage 8 (Vaduz) - Tour de Suisse 2022

Ride on an almost flat and fast 17km scenic course in Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein. The town, with a majestic backdrop of snow-capped mountains, lies next to the Rhine River and near the Swiss border, and to your left overlooking the city is the Vaduz Castle dating back to the 12th century. This route and profile will be a race for the sprinters who will gain from a speedy finish.


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Tasks & Rules

Ride and finish the selected routes in a Time Trial, Race, or Just Ride mode without lowering the "reality level.