Grand Tours Odometer

Ride 915km on any routes and follow the pedal strokes of the pros in the Grand Tours as they count the kilometres to the finish. How long will it take you to complete this distance?

Endurance TIP:

Try to keep your cadence at the high end to improve your speed skills and prevent fatigue from setting in too soon. Aim for 2-3 times per week and two longer rides on the weekend. Prepare your pain cave with enough liquids and nutrition. The stunning landscapes and scenery revealed along the way make it well worth the effort!

La Vuelta 2023 - sum of flat stages

La Vuelta 2023 - sum of flat stages

Your distance target, 915km, is equal to the sum of all flat stages from La Vuelta 2023. It is the 78th edition of the 23-day ProTour event, and the Gran Partidas is in Barcelona, Spain and will also go through parts of Andorra and France.

Tasks & Rules

Ride 915km on any routes in Time Trial, Race, or Just Ride mode without lowering the "reality level".